Saturday, March 24, 2018

A short update: I really should probably start updating this thing more

A big apology to the few that liked reading my books and funny tales about DnD adventures. Unfortunately, life got in the way, I got sick, I built a new computer, Kingdom Come: Deliverance came's been a busy few months. I just haven't had the motivation to much more than play tabletop RPGs, and this was compounded by the fact that our constantly falling dollar means I won't be attending Gen Con Indy this year, because I just can't justify the cost. I hope next year....or the year after.

Other factors pushed me away, a bit. There's a lot of drama in the RPG community, especially the OSR, and I similarly got tired of running into Trump supporting weirdos who liked to explain to me why The Last Jedi was a singular attack on the institutions of masculinity or whiteness or whatever. And no, it wasn't better when left wingers did the same. Shut the fuck up about Star Wars already, Christ. It's everywhere and won't go away.  That's my general opinion on it.

Been reading a lot. I hope to actually finish 52 books this year, and I'm currently writing up a review for Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition for RPG Codex. Hopefully that works out.

More content is a-coming soon.

- The Dice Must Roll

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  1. Only post when you want to post. This should be a fun hobby, not work! We will be here when you have something you want to share. :)